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     Samson Gene Miller, age 5, lived in Alabaster, Alabama.  He liked to play different
kinds of sports and dreamed about becoming a professional player.  Stay, Frankie, and
thought Samson was a great athlete.
   One day Samson saw a television commercial for a new sporting goods store.

   The next day, Samson went to the store.  He walked over to a pile of baseball bats.  
He tried to hold the bat just like the professional player in the poster.
   Samson closed his eyes.  Suddenly, he was actually playing in the World Series!

   The baseball stadium was packed like sardines.  The crowd was doing the wave and
flying colorful banners in the air.
   The bases were loaded.  The team depended on Samson to score the winning run.  
He held the bat tight as the mean-looking pitcher threw a curve ball.  Samson swung and
hit the ball.  

   The ball flew up, up, up in the air!  It kept on going all the way out of the ballpark!
   "Holy cow, it's a grand slam!" the announcer yelled.
   Samson thought, "Gee whiz, Stan, Frankie and Stewie would be proud of me!  
Samson dropped the bat to run the bases and...

   Samson was back in the sporting goods store.  He was a little confused, so he walked
across the aisle to a display of basketballs.  He began to dribble a basketball.  In an
instant, Samson was playing in the finals.

   The basketball stands were jammed with people.  Stan, Frankie, and Stewie sat at
center court chanting, "Sink it!  Sink it!"
   Samson looked at the scoreboard.  His team was one point behind.  There were only
seconds left in the game.

   Samson dribbled across the court, then quickly slam dunked the ball.  It zoomed
straight through the basket!
   The cheerleaders sang, "Hooray!  Hooray for Samson!"
   The team players lifted Samson on their shoulders.  When they put him down, he was
once again at the sporting goods store.

   Samson picked up a football and began to watch the Super Bowl on a big screen TV.
   Suddenly, he was the quarterback on the field.  There were two seconds left in the
game and his team was five points behind.  Three enormous linemen from the other team
were heading straight for Samson.  
   Samson managed to spin out of the tackle and avoid a sack.  He ran twenty yards,
forty yards, then fifty!  Touchdown!
   Samson was so happy he threw the football in the air, and did a little victory dance.  
Samson was given a beautiful trophy and named the MVP of the year.

   Suddenly, Samson realized the store was closing.
   On the way to the exit, he passed a display of trophies and thought, "If I practice really
hard, my dreams of being a professional athlete really could come true.  I can't wait to tell
Stan, Frankie, and Stewie about my wonderful sports adventure."
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