Spider-Man & You

Spider-Man & You Personalized Children's Music CD Cover Picture

Let your child spend an amazing musical day

with Spiderman and his superhero friends

Wolverine and the Fantastic Four as they battle

Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin. A fantastic

personalized musical adventure that includes

your child's name sung into 8 songs over 50

times over the course of the CD!



$ Sorry, no longer available



Child's First Name: *Check the available names list for availablity

Child's Last Name: *Optional; used on the cd label

Personal Dedication: *Optional

This CD is from.....: *Optional; Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, etc.

Additional Comments: *Pronunciation of name





Spider-Man & You Personalized Music CD Song Titles
1. Superwish Hear a Sample ♫♫
2. Fly With Me Hear a Sample ♫♫
3. Show and Tell Hear a Sample ♫♫
4. Green is for Green Goblin Hear a Sample ♫♫
5. Bye-Bye Dr. Octopus Hear a Sample ♫♫
6. The Fabulous Fantastic Four Hear a Sample ♫♫
7. Wolverine Rap Hear a Sample ♫♫
8. Superhero Friends Hear a Sample ♫♫