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      Makenna Leavitt, age 1, from Las Vegas, Nevada, was worried about her friend, Big
Bird.  He didn't look very happy.  "What's wrong, Big Bird?" Makenna asked.  
 "Today is Clean-Sweep Day, the day we all help clean up the neighborhood."  Big Bird
sighed.  "It's going to be a lot of work."
 "Don't worry," said Makenna.  "Grandpa Leavitt, Avery, and Harrison showed me you
can make a big job easier by turning it into a game.  Let's try it.  We can pick up trash
starting with each letter of the alphabet."
 "That'll be fun!" Big Bird smiled.  So Big Bird spread the word about the great idea
Makenna had and the Clean-Sweep game began.

 "Look, someone left a broken airplane here, right next to a stack of beat-up boxes,"
Makenna said.  "Amazing, that's our A and B!"
 "Hey, this box is full of empty cans," called Big Bird.  "C is for cans!"
 "Cool, we can recycle them," Makenna said.  "Wow, we have A, B, and C already!  Now
let's find something that starts with D."
 Just then, Rosita joined them.  "How about these dishes, Makenna?" she asked, holding
cracked dishes from her tea set.  "You can have these too," she added, handing over a
stack of old envelopes.  "I took all the neat stamps off them."
 "Excellent!" said Makenna.

 By now, everyone on Sesame Street knew about the Clean-Sweep game.
 "Elmo wants to play, too," Elmo said with a smile, carrying as many tattered gloves and
bent forks as he could manage.
 Elmo looked so silly Makenna had to laugh.  "Those forks are fabulous for F and your
gloves will make a great G addition to our trash collection," she giggled.

 While collecting Elmo's gloves, Makenna noticed a twisted water hose lying on the
 "Watch out Big Bird!" she called.  But it was too late.  Poor Big Bird tripped on the hose
and fell with a THUMP.  Luckily, Big Bird's feathers padded his fall so he wasn't hurt.
 Makenna ran to help him up.  "I'm glad you're not hurt, Big Bird.  At least you found
something that started with the letter H.  This hose has so many holes in it, it must be
 "How about using this to smooth your ruffled feather, Bird?" snickered Oscar, handing
Big Bird an old iron.
 "Don't be silly, Oscar!  But a rusty iron is ideal for our trash pile so we'll have an I!"
Makenna exclaimed.

 "Boy, I don't know what we'll use for J," Makenna wondered.  "I sure wish Grandpa
Leavitt, Avery, and Harrison
were here to help."
 "Me help, Makenna," Cookie Monster said.  "Jars with no cookies go into trash."
 "Thanks, Cookie Monster!  We'll put your jars in our recycling bin, instead of our trash
pile," Makenna said.

 Zoe joing the group.  "I found this in the park, Makenna, but I don't know what it is."
 "It's a kazoo, Zoe," Makenna said.  "But it's broken.  See, it's cracked on the side.  Let's
add it to our trash collection, okay?"
 "K," Zoe said with a smile.  "Do you want these puzzle pieces I found too?"
 "We're not ready for the letter P yet Zoe.  We've found A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K,
so we're looking for L now," Makenna explained.  "We'll save your puzzle pieces for later."
 "You know," Makenna continued, "the park might be a good place to find more alphabet
trash.  Let's go!"

 Makenna was right.  She and her friends picked up many things at the park to add to
their collection.
 They found a half-eaten lollipop in some litter on the ground.  Someone had left a milk
carton on a bench.  They collected a net near a nest up in a tree, and even a broken oar
by the pond.
 "Now that we've got L, M, N, and O, we're ready for your puzzle pieces, Zoe," Makenna
said with a smile.
 "P is for the puzzle pieces!" shouted Zoe.

 "There's Ernie and Bert," Big Bird said.  "Maybe they've come to help us clean."
 "I hope so," Makenna said.  "We still haven't found anything for Q."
 "We heard you were looking for trash," Bert said.  "So Ernie and I cleaned out our closet."
 "Let's see," Ernie said reaching into a large bag.  "We have one queen from Bert's chess
set.  I lost the other pieces.  There's my red rocket ship that broke last year.  Oh, and
here's an old skate."
 "And here are some train tracks.  Someone left them outside and they got trampled," Bert
said.  "Now you have Q, R, S, and T."

 "Hey Makenna," a grouchy voice called.  "Take this umbrella.  And here, Telly dropped
off this vase.  It's cracked...just like some people I know."
 "Thanks Oscar, that's great for U and V," Makenna said.
 Just then Big Bird spied his wobbly wheelbarrow.  "Wow, that's perfect for W.  But
Makenna," Big Bird groaned, "What about X?  There aren't any X-rays or xylophones
 "X is tough.  But look, Big Bird," Makenna said with a smile.  "Two of the umbrella's ribs
are making an X.  Can you see it?"
 "Yes!  And look, there's a tangled piece of yarn around one of the wheels of my old
wheelbarrow!" Big Bird cried.  "Yay!  That's our Y!"

 "Let's see.  A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z."
Makenna sang.
 "Oh no, Makenna," Big Bird wailed.  "We haven't found anything that starts with Z."
 "Don't worry Big Bird," Makenna said.  "See, the zipper is broken on my old wallet.  I had
it in my pocket all the time."
 "All right!  Makenna found Z!" Big Bird shouted.  "We went through the whole alphabet,
and we made the neighborhood look cleaner than ever."
 "I sure had a lot of fun helping you with your big job, Big Bird.  Now I'd better go home to
Las Vegas, Nevada," Makenna said.  "Besides, I can't wait to tell Grandpa Leavitt,
Avery, and Harrison
how much fun it is playing games with the alphabet!"
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