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     "Today is going to be so much fun," thought Anthony Ryan Parker, age 6, of
Seattle, Washington.  "That's because today, I get to go to St. Timothy's School."
 Earlier that morning Anthony had dressed quickly and rushed through his breakfast.
 "Slow down, Anthony," Mom and Dad said laughingly.  Anthony seemed more excited
now than he had ever been before.
 When Anthony arrived at St. Timothy's School, he ran up the steps to catch up with
the other children.

  Anthony ran to his very own locker.  As he opened the locker, Anthony thought he
heard a rustling inside.
 "Is there something inside my locker?" Anthony wondered.  "What could it be?"
 Just then, Mrs. Brown walked up and said, "You'd better hurry to class, Anthony."
 Anthony decided to close his locker and investigate the noise later.

 Anthony was curious about the strange noise, but he joined the other children in the
classroom.  It was time for reading class -- one of his favorites!  Mrs. Brown opened a big
book and said, "Today we're going to study the raccoon.  And at the end of the day, I have
a special surprise for you!"
 Anthony forgot all about the strange noise and tried to figure out what the surprise was
going to be.

 After learning all about raccoons, the children went to the art center.
 "I want everyone to paint a picture of a raccoon," said Mrs. Brown.
worked very hard on his painting.  When he was done, all the other children
admired his painting.
 "Anthony, that is a wonderful painting of a raccoon," said Mrs. Brown.  "You are a very
talented artist."
 Anthony couldn't wait to take the painting home and show it to Mom and Dad.

 During lunchtime, Anthony sat at the table with all his very best friends.  They all
laughed and shared stories about their summer vacations.
 Suddenly, Anthony felt something bump against his leg.  Then the table gave a little
shake, and a pitcher of milk spilled all over the table.  
 "There must be someone under the table playing a joke," said Anthony.  But when he
looked under the table, Anthony didn't see anyone.

 "There are a lot of strange things happening today," thought Anthony.  Just then, the
bell rang.  It was time for music class.  There were so many musical instruments from
which to choose.  Anthony liked the tambourines the best.  Mrs. Brown taught the
children a special song about a raccoon.
 As Anthony played his tambourines, he kept thinking about the big surprise Mrs.
had for the children at the end of the day.

 Now it was time for Anthony to go to science class.  But when Anthony got to the
classroom, he couldn't find his lab goggles anywhere.
 "Where could they be?" wondered Anthony as he looked under the desk.
 Mrs. Brown was talking.  "Pay attention, children.  I'm going to reveal my surprise."  The
teacher brought out a big box with a cloth covering it.

 When Mrs. Brown removed the cloth, there was nothing but a large, empty cage!
 "The raccoon is missing," gasped Mrs. Brown.  "It must be running around loose in St.
Timothy's School
 Just then, Anthony thought about the noise he had heard in his locker.  Anthony also
remembered what had happened in the lunchroom today.
 "I'll be right back," said Anthony as he quickly ran from the room.

 Anthony knew just where to go.  He ran right over to the lunchroom.  As he listened at
the door, Anthony heard some strange sounds coming from inside.
 Even though it was dark in the room, Anthony wasn't afraid.  He opened the door and
saw the strangest sight in the world.  A baby raccoon was wearing his goggles!  And that's
not all.  The raccoon was eating a leftover sandwich!

 "Look what I found," said Anthony with a big smile as he brought his new fuzzy friend
back into the classroom.
 "Anthony, you found the baby raccoon!" said Mrs. Brown happily.  "You've saved the
 The other children gave a big cheer for Anthony.
 "This really has been the best first day of school ever," said Anthony.  "I was right when
I told Mom and Dad that school is fun!"

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