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    Of all the holidays in the year, Stephanie Lynn McDonald, age 2, enjoyed Christmas
the best.  Everyone in Baltimore, Maryland, was still busy preparing for the holiday
season.  Stephanie had already finished decorating the tree and wrapping presents for
Mommy, Daddy, and Grandpa.  That is why Stephanie was selected to have an
exciting Christmas adventure.

One special night Stephanie was lying in bed thinking about Christmas.  Suddenly, she
heard a voice outside her window.
"Stephanie, please come to the North Pole with me.  Santa Claus has a big problem and
only you can help," pleaded a reindeer.
In amazement Stephanie replied, "Wow!  You must be one of Santa's reindeer.  Of
course, I would be happy to go to the North Pole to help Santa Claus.

So, Stephanie jumped into Santa's sleigh and off they flew through the beautiful moonlit
"Reindeer, what are those buildings below us?" questioned Stephanie.
"That's the North Pole where Santa lives and makes toys for all the good children.  Hold
on tight, we're landing!" replied the Reindeer.
Silently, they glided to a stop near Santa's workshop.

"Let's have a snack in Mrs. Claus' kitchen and then I'll show you around," said the
"Gee whiz!  The candy smells delicious," Stephanie said with a smile.
Cheerfully, Mrs. Claus remarked, "I make candies and cookies in every color of the
rainbow.  Here is a special treat just for you, Stephanie."

The Reindeer announced, "That was a perfect snack, Stephanie.  Now let's visit Santa's
toy workshop."
Stephanie saw a huge robot-like machine building different kinds of toys.
The Reindeer said, "Santa knows which boys and girls have been good during the year
and the toy each child wants most for Christmas."

Stephanie peeked into the next room and exclaimed, "I've never seen so many pretty
dolls and stuffed animals!  I wish Mommy, Daddy, and Grandpa could see this, too."
The Reindeer said with confidence, "Santa's elves make every kind of toy you can
The Reindeer and Stephanie left the doll room and hurried along to visit Santa.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" welcomed Santa.  "You arrived just in time.  I need your help, Stephanie.  
Let me tell you about my problem.  My reindeer and sleigh are ready to deliver presents to
all the good boys and girls on Christmas Eve.  But, I have been so busy that I did not do
the most important thing of all."

"What is the most important thing of all, Santa?" Stephanie asked eagerly.
Santa continued, "I haven't had time to make the special Christmas WISH.  This WISH
puts love into people's hearts and makes my reindeer want to fly.  So, you see how
important the WISH is.  Would you please make the Christmas WISH for everyone?"
Santa pleaded.

Stephanie promised Santa, "I will gladly make the WISH."
Then, she remembered the nicest things about Christmas such as love, happiness, and
kindness.  Then ...POOF, out popped the WISH, glowing brightly like a star.
Santa said gratefully, "That was the perfect WISH, Stephanie.  I'll put the WISH in this
beautiful box for safe keeping until Christmas Eve."

By the bright moonlight, Santa waved good-bye and said, "Thanks to you, Stephanie,
everyone will have a Merry Christmas.  Hop aboard my sleigh and my reindeer will fly you
back to Baltimore, Maryland."
As the North Pole disappeared out of sight, Stephanie thought, "I can't wait to tell
Mommy, Daddy, and Grandpa about my wonderful Christmas adventure."

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