Personalized for Preschool

Personalized for Preschool Personalized Children's Music CD Cover Picture

Eleven entertaining songs that sing your child's

name. Features fun preschool age activities

including going to school, nursery rhymes, and

much more! Every personalized song has your

child's name sung live into the music with

professional children's music recording artists.

Reinforces counting, the alphabet, sharing,

safety and more, great for preschool age kids.


$ Sorry, no longer available.



Child's First Name: *Check the available names list for availablity

Child's Last Name: *Optional; used on the cd label

Personal Dedication: *Optional

This CD is from.....: *Optional; Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, etc.

Additional Comments: *Pronunciation of name





Personalized for Preschool Personalized Music CD Song Titles
1. Going to School is Fun! Hear a Sample ♫♫
2. ABC Song Hear a Sample ♫♫
3. Days of the Week Hear a Sample ♫♫
4. Safety First Hear a Sample ♫♫
5. The Number Song Hear a Sample ♫♫
6. Manners Hear a Sample ♫♫
7. Wacky Zacky Time Hear a Sample ♫♫
8. Nursery Rhyme Time Hear a Sample ♫♫
9. Four Seasons Hear a Sample ♫♫
10. Smart and Special Hear a Sample ♫♫
11. Me and the Bumble Bee Hear a Sample ♫♫