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    One day Henry Thomas Northbrook, age 4, sat watching the rain fall outside his
bedroom in Knoxville, Tennessee.   Since he had to stay inside, Henry decided to play
his favorite game, land of make-believe.  Mommy, Daddy, and Billy loved to play
make-believe, too.
    Today he decided to pretend to be one of his favorite Bible characters, Noah.

    Henry remembered the wonderful story of Noah's Ark and imagined himself being
there instead of Noah.  Henry closed his eyes really tightly and then ...ZOOM... he was in
another land long, long ago with Mommy, Daddy, and Billy.
    Most of the people in this new place seemed to be mean and hateful.  They were
being selfish and greedy and they were fighting in the street.

    Suddenly, God was talking.  The Lord told Henry He was going to cause a flood over
the earth because of all the bad people.  But Henry, Mommy, Daddy, and Billy would
be safe if they built a huge boat, called an ark.
    Big elephants helped Henry collect wood to make the ark.

    Henry built the ark just as the Lord commanded.  It was covered with tar, called pitch,
to make it waterproof.  Other animals helped to build the ark by carrying buckets of the
    Even when Henry finished building the ark, there was still more work to do.
    Then Henry and his family collected all the food and supplies they would need on the
ark.  They gathered sacks and baskets of apples, melons, hay, grain and everything else
they needed.
    When the work was done God sent His animals two-by-two, a boy and a girl of each
kind, so they could be saved from the flood.

    Henry put the animals on the ark just as God wanted.  Giraffes, lions, rabbits,
raccoons, penguins and many other creatures walked up the steps to the ark.
    Then Henry, along with Mommy, Daddy, and Billy, got on the ark, too.  When
everyone was safely aboard, God shut the door.

    It rained for 40 days and 40 nights without stopping.  Sometimes Henry was a little
frightened, but he knew that everyone would be safe in God's ark.
    The storm continued to rage on and on.  The sky stayed gloomy and scary while the
flood covered the earth.  All the cities and towns were now under water.

    Finally the rain stopped and the waters became calm.  The ark came to rest on top of
Mount Ararat.  Henry, Mommy, Daddy, and Billy felt excited to see blue skies and the
sun shining again.  Then God caused a wind to blow over the earth, which began to dry
up the water.

    A while later, Henry sent out a dove three different times to see if the ground was dry.  
The first time the dove could not find a place to rest and came back.  The second time it
came back with a fresh olive leaf.  That meant the ground was almost dry.  The third time
the dove didn't return at all.  The earth was dry!

    At last God told Henry, Mommy, Daddy, and Billy to come out of the ark.  God
promised never to destroy the earth with water again.  He sent a rainbow to remind
everyone of His promise.
    Just then Henry opened his eyes and noticed the rain outside his bedroom had
stopped.  In the sky was God's beautiful rainbow, reminding him of God's promise of long

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