My Very Own Christmas

My Very Own Christmas Personalized Children's Music CD Cover Picture

Christmas becomes very special with a

collection of songs featuring your

child's name. All seven holiday themed

songs feature the child's name sung

right into the songs! Your child will be

thrilled to hear his or her own name

sung more than 50 times in the lyrics.



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Child's First Name: *Check the available names list for availablity

Child's Last Name: *Optional; used on the cd label

Personal Dedication: *Optional

This CD is from.....: *Optional; Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, etc.

Additional Comments: *Pronunciation of name





My Very Own Christmas Personalized Music CD Song Titles
1. Jingle Bells Hear a Sample ♫♫
2. Wake Up, It's Christmas Morning Hear a Sample ♫♫
3. Can You Hear The Christmas Bells? Hear a Sample ♫♫
4. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas Hear a Sample ♫♫
5. Christmas Lullaby Hear a Sample ♫♫
6. Walking In A Winter Wonderland Hear a Sample ♫♫
7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas Hear a Sample ♫♫