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My Baby Book
Elizabeth Anne Tanner

To our wonderful bundle of joy!
Mom and Dad

My Family

The family is like a book.
The children are the pages
The parents are the cover
That protecting beauty gives.

At first the pages of the book
Are blank and purely fair,
But time soon writeth memories
And painteth pictures there.

Love is the little golden clasp
That bindeth up the trust;
Oh, break it not, lest all the pages
Should scatter and be lost!
Author Unknown

Homecoming for Elizabeth

Before I was even born Mommy and Daddy were busy at home preparing for my arrival.  
A special place was made just for me at our home in Atlanta, Georgia.  In my room were
many toys, games and wonderful presents.  One of my favorite gifts is My Baby Book.

Elizabeth Makes an Impression

This is my very first picture.  Mommy and Daddy were so excited to have a baby girl like
me.  Everyone thought I was the world's cutest baby!  Don't you think so, too?

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The Arrival of Elizabeth

Let me tell you about myself.  I am Elizabeth Anne Tanner, the daughter of Lilly Marie
Tanner and John David Tanner
.  They waited a long time before the miracle of my birth
finally occurred at 9:46 AM on February 18, 2008.  Mommy and Daddy were assisted
by Dr. Santana at Grady Memorial Hospital.  I weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 inches
in length

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First Visitors and Gifts

So many friends and relatives came to visit and bring special gifts so I could remember
them.  When everyone first saw me they had so many nice things to say.

Guests and Gifts

GIVER'S NAME                                                         GIFT
Mom and Dad                                                         My Baby Book

Treasured Keepsakes Of
Elizabeth Anne Tanner

This is my birth certificate.

Place birth certificate here

These are my fingerprints and footprints.

Elizabeth Enters The World

My birth date is February 18, 2008.  Now Mommy and Daddy will tell you what it was
like in the world on the day I was born.

Entertainment Today

Famous sports heroes                                                                     
Favorite entertainers                                                                        
Popular singers                                                                                
Book of the year                                                                               
Film of the year                                                                                
On television everyone was watching                                              

Some prices today

Loaf of bread                            Pound of potatoes                       
Gallon of gas                            Pair of jeans                                 
A dozen eggs                            Gallon of milk                                

Current Events

Headlines in the newspaper                                                                                         
Head of State                                                                                                               
Important world leaders                                                                                                
Major world events                                                                                                       
In addition to my birth this made the year special                                                        

This is a picture of my family the year I was born.

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Family Tree of
Elizabeth Anne Tanner

Great Grandparents                                               Great Grandparents

Grandparents                                                     Grandparents

Lilly Marie Tanner                                               John David Tanner     
Mother                                                           Father

Sisters                                                  Brothers

Elizabeth Anne Tanner

Naming Me
Elizabeth Anne Tanner

My name was chosen because...                                                           

Other names considered...                                                                     

My friends and relatives are...                                                               
Mom, Dad, Aunt Katie, Uncle Phil, Grandma Tanner                     

Early Accomplishments of Elizabeth

Before I learned how to talk I had my own language that sounded like

My very first word_________________________________________

The next few words I learned________________________________

My first sentence_________________________________________

Mommy and Daddy will tell you how old I was when I learned how to do all sorts of

Laugh aloud_____________________________________________
Drink from a cup__________________________________________
Hold a spoon____________________________________________
Sit unsupported__________________________________________
Pull myself to a standing position_____________________________
Walk with support_________________________________________
Walk without support_______________________________________

Elizabeth Is Growing Fast

Date/Age                 Height                   Weight
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________
__________          __________          __________

Dental Chart Of
Elizabeth Anne Tanner

This is a record of when I got my baby teeth.  I didn't like it very much when they grew in,
but at least I can eat real food!

Date the chart when my teeth appeared

Date tooth appeared                                          Date tooth appeared
Tooth chart appears here

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Mommy and Daddy didn't want me to get sick, so I was immunized against many
different diseases.

TYPE                          DATE
Diphtheria                    __________
Whooping cough         __________
Tetanus                       __________
Polio                            __________
Measles                       __________
Mumps                         __________
Rubella                        __________
Tuberculin test             __________
Hemoglobin test           __________
Other information         __________

First Haircut of Elizabeth

I'm getting so big now!  Look at me!  Mommy and Daddy took my picture and even
saved a lock of hair from my very first haircut.

Elizabeth before first haircut

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Elizabeth Likes To Play

Girls like me love to have fun.  These are some of my favorite things.

Bedtime Songs                                                                                      
Stuffed animals                                                                                      
Delicious treats                                                                                      

Early playmates                                                                                     

First Birthday of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Anne Tanner
is one year old.  This has been a wonderful year and my future
looks bright.  Now you know all about me.  I would like to thank Mom and Dad for giving
me My Baby Book.

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