Music for Me Vol. 2

Music for Me Vol. 2 Personalized Children's Music CD Cover Picture

This CD features your child's name on 8 fun

and entertaining songs involving "A Full Day

of Adventure". Each personalized song has

been professionally written and recorded to

hold a child's attention and is unlike any

other music of its kind! Featuring over

4,000 of the most popular names, this will

become your child's favorite music CD!


$ Sorry, no longer available.



Child's First Name: *Check the available names list for availablity

Child's Last Name: *Optional; used on the cd label

Personal Dedication: *Optional

This CD is from.....: *Optional; Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, etc.

Additional Comments: *Pronunciation of name





Music for Me Vol. 2 Personalized Music CD Song Titles
1. A Full Day of Adventure Hear a Sample ♫♫
2. Who's That Riding in the Shopping Cart Hear a Sample ♫♫
3. We're Going to the Pet Store Hear a Sample ♫♫
4. Words of Wisdom Hear a Sample ♫♫
5. The Counting Song Hear a Sample ♫♫
6. Just Like the Big Kids Do Hear a Sample ♫♫
7. The Big Bubble Boogie Hear a Sample ♫♫
8. A Fort in the Living Room Hear a Sample ♫♫