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      One bright, sunny day, Shayla Irene Gerber, age 4, was sitting in her room in St.
Louis, Missouri
, looking at the pictures in her Bible around lunchtime.
      "Look Mom and Grandma Gerber," she said as she turned the pages.  "Here is a
picture of a little boy just about my size.  He is sharing his lunch with Jesus."

      Shayla began to imagine what it must have been like near the Sea of Galilee and
pictured herself there.  In fact, she could even sense a cool breeze blowing across the
water, feel the soft, green grass swaying around her, and smell the sweetness of the
beautiful flowers growing along the mountainside.

      "Mom and Grandma Gerber, come here quickly!" Shayla yelled.  "Look at all these
people scattered across the mountainside.  I wonder what they are doing?  Let's race to
the top and see what is going on.  Ready, get set, go!"
      As Shayla reached the top first, she shouted, "Hurray, I won!"
      After running so hard for such a long distance, Shayla was very tired.  Mom and
Grandma Gerber
suggested to her that they should sit down and rest for a little while in
the plush, soft grass.
      "I'm getting a little hungry," said Shayla.  "Let's have a picnic right here under this
shady olive tree."
      Mom and Grandma Gerber agreed that having a picnic in such a beautiful place
would be a wonderful idea.  Before they began eating, some people from the crowd
approached them, noticing the food that Shayla had just spread out on a cloth.
      One of the men spoke to Shayla, "We are very hungry and noticed that you have five
loaves of barley and two fish.  Will you share with us?"

      Shayla remembered Mom and Grandma Gerber telling her that it was polite to
share, so she answered, "Yes, I will be happy to share my lunch with you, though I am
afraid I only have these five loaves of barley bread and two fish.  Surely this is not enough
to feed so many people."

      The man, who was one of Jesus' disciples, replied that he would take it to Jesus.
      Now Shayla was very curious to see how many people would be able to eat from
such a small amount of food.  She recalled Mom and Grandma Gerber telling her about
the many miracles Jesus had performed and thought something very exciting was about to

      When all the people were seated in groups of fifties and hundreds, Jesus took the
five loaves of bread and two fish from the disciple.  He looked up to heaven, blessed the
food and gave thanks for it.  He then blessed the food and gave thanks for it.  He then
gave the food to the disciples, who in turn passed the food to Shayla and all the other

      All five thousand men, women, and children ate and ate until they could hold no more.
 When everyone had feasted, Jesus commanded the disciples to collect any food that had
not been eaten.  Shayla began to count.
      "Wow!  There are still twelve baskets full of food.  I was right; something very exciting
did happen!" exclaimed Shayla.

      About this time Shayla heard a growling, rumbling noise.  She realized that it was her
stomach reminding her how hungry she really was.
      "We really had fun picturing the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people with five
loaves and two fish, didn't we Mom and Grandma Gerber?  This is one story I will never

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