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       Clickety-clack.  Clickety-clack.  The train was speeding through the countryside.  
Tyler James Durbin, age 3, of Austin, Texas, listened to the sound of the train tracks
below him.  Tyler was excited because he had been invited to spend the day on a farm.  It
was going to be a wonderful adventure!
      "I just wish Cousin Todd and Billy could be here, too," thought Tyler.

      The first stop Tyler made was a field where goats and sheep were munching on the
      "H-e-e-llo," bleated the goat.
      "You can talk!" shouted Tyler.
      "Ye-e-e-es," answered the goat.  "And we eat just about anything, including garbage."
      "Yuck, that sounds terrible," said Tyler.
      A sheep came up to Tyler and said, "Soon we're going to get our wool shaved off so
people can make clothes out of it.  But it won't hurt.  It feels just like when you get a

      Just then the sound of squeals filled the air.  Tyler ran over to a mother pig and her
      "Wow," said Tyler.  "Nine baby pigs!  That's a lot!"
      "Oink, oink.  It sure is," agreed Mrs. Pig.  "And they're all hungry!  Stop crowding,
children.  There's plenty for everyone."
      Mrs. Pig smiled and said, "Did you know that pigs are often the smartest animals on a
      "No ma'am, I didn't," said Tyler.  "But thank you for telling me."

      Tyler heard the sound of someone fighting nearby.  He ran over to investigate.
      "Quack, quack," said a duck.  "That seed belongs to me!"
      "Cluck, cluck," said a chicken.  "The farmer left it here for me!"
      "Don't fight," said Tyler with a laugh.  "There's plenty for everyone!"  So he reached
into the seed bag and tossed lots more grain to the hungry chickens and ducks.

      Tyler decided to take a fishing break, but the sky was getting a little dark.  He put
down his fishing pole and said to a friendly dog, "There's a storm coming.  I must warn all
the animals and take them back to the barn."
      The dog looked up at the clouds and agreed, "Woof, woof.  Let's go tell the others."

      Soon all the animals were happy and dry in the barn.  Tyler held a kitten in his lap
which was purring as it licked his hand.  
      "Meow, meow.  Thanks to you, Tyler, all the animals are safe and sound," purred the
kitten.  "That was fast thinking to bring the animals back to the barn."
      Before too long, the storm ended and the sky became a beautiful blue color again.

      The sun came out and was shining.  Tyler was feeling very warm and happy as he
went skipping through the field.  He saw a farmer on a tractor working in a hayfield.
      "In school we learned that farmers harvest hay during the summer and store it in a
barn so the cows and horses would have food during the winter," said Tyler.

      Suddenly, a herd of horses galloped past.  Tyler quickly jumped out of their way.  
One horse stopped right next to him.
      "Neigh, neigh.  Thank you for helping all the farm animals during the storm," said the
horse.  "Jump up and let me take you for a ride!"
      Tyler hopped on the horse's back, and away they rode over the hill.
      "I wish Cousin Todd and Billy could see me right now," said Tyler.

      Towards the end of the day, there was just one more chore left.  Tyler ran to watch
the final roundup of the cows.
      "Moo-oo-ove out of the way!" a huge cow bellowed as Tyler opened the corral gate.
      "Tyler, you were such a big help today that we'd like you to spend the night camping
with us," said the farmer.
      "That sounds great," said Tyler.
      The farmer made a call to Austin, Texas and got permission for Tyler to stay.
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