Fantastic Four & You

Fantastic Four & You Personalized Children's Music CD Cover Picture

Your child spends an exciting musical

adventure with favorite Marvel Superheroes

the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk,

Spiderman, the X-Men, and more! This

personalized children's music CD features

your child's name sung live into the 8 original

songs in this fantastic music adventure!



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Child's First Name: *Check the available names list for availablity

Child's Last Name: *Optional; used on the cd label

Personal Dedication: *Optional

This CD is from.....: *Optional; Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, etc.

Additional Comments: *Pronunciation of name





Fantastic Four & You Personalized Music CD Song Titles
1. He's the Hulk Hear a Sample ♫♫
2. The Fantastic Four Hear a Sample ♫♫
3. Spider-Man Hear a Sample ♫♫
4. The X-Men Hear a Sample ♫♫
5. The Snare of Spider-Man Hear a Sample ♫♫
6. Blade Hear a Sample ♫♫
7. Daredevil Hear a Sample ♫♫
8. Elektra Hear a Sample ♫♫