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 Aidan Thomas Johnson, age 7, of Tampa, Florida, loved to play with dinosaur toys.
 In his room there were many of them: big ones, little ones, tall ones, and short ones.  
Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah knew how much he loved dinosaurs.

One day, Aidan was looking at pictures in his favorite dinosaur book.  A fierce
tyrannosaurus rex with big, sharp teeth was wrestling another meat-eating dinosaur,
called an allosaurus.  A pterodactyl, a huge lizard with wings, was flying in the air
watching the battle.  Aidan concentrated hard on the pictures.

The dinosaurs seemed to come alive.  A lizard with a long neck, fat body, and huge tail
stood beside a beautiful lagoon.  A brightly colored spotted egg lay in a cozy nest near a
friendly looking beast.  In the distance, a duckbill dinosaur, called a trachodon, walked on
two legs chewing giant ferns.

Suddenly Aidan was in the tropical rain forest with the dinosaurs.
"Wow, the dinosaurs eat so much!  I'm afraid they will eat me," Aidan said, trembling.
"Are you as sweet as this palm tree?" someone asked in a friendly voice.
"Who said that? Aidan wondered.
"I am a brontosaurus called Thunderfoot, replied the long-necked lizard.

"Do you eat children?" Aidan asked.  Thunderfoot lowered her long neck and examined
Aidan carefully.
"You don't look very tasty," Thunderfoot decided.  "And I only eat plants.  Anyway, it's
time to go to sleep at the top of the mountain."
The giant creature gently covered her egg and joined the other dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs snored very loudly as they slept.
Suddenly Aidan heard a much louder noise.  The mountain was exploding!  Fire and
melted rock poured out of the volcano.
"Wake up, everyone!  Wake up!" Aidan shouted.  "Oh, please, we must hurry away from
here and get to the water."  The dinosaurs loudly lumbered to the safe lagoon.

"We are safe, thanks to Aidan," the dinosaurs chanted.
The dinosaurs were so thankful they decided to have a party to honor Aidan.  During the
party, they danced and thumped their tails until the ground shook.
"What a wonderful celebration!" Aidan said.  "I wish Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah could
join the fun."

Just then, Aidan noticed a change in the brightly colored spotted egg in the next by the
"Look over there!" called Aidan.  "Thunderfoot's egg is hatching!"
Snap!  A little head poked through the top of the shell.  The sides broke away and out
tumbled a baby dinosaur with a long neck, fat body, and big lizard tail.

A pterodactyl neighbor flew close to visit the baby dinosaur.  Thunderfoot and her baby
walked toward the beautiful lagoon.  Other dinosaurs returned to the tropical rain forest.
"Please stay with us forever," pleaded the dinosaurs.
Aidan answered, "I would love to stay with you, but I can't.  I must return to my home in
Tampa, Florida.  Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah will be worried.

Aidan closed his eyes and waved farewell to the dinosaurs.  When he opened his eyes,
the picture in his dinosaur book had changed.  The brightly colored spotted egg was no
longer in the cozy nest by the lagoon.  Now, a brand-new baby dinosaur stood nose to
nose with its proud mother, Thunderfoot.

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