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      Jess Sandra Capri, age 4, was the happiest girl in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She
was excited because she was going to the circus with Kendra, Sara, and Lucy.  
      As soon as they arrived at the circus, Jess bought popcorn and delicious cotton
candy.  Clutching her ticket, she anxiously waited in line.

      As Jess neared the main entrance to the circus tent, she could see a funny clown
juggling many balls.  The ticket Jess held in her hand had a sparkling star on it.
      Seeing the star, the ticket-taker exclaimed, "Wait, little girl, your ticket is special.  The
star allows you to sit in the very front row!"
      Jess rushed to her seat, and the show immediately began.

      "TOOT-TOOT, chugged a steam train as it rolled toward the center stage.  The train
clickity-clacked in a big circle and stopped directly in front of Jess.
      Clowns wearing colorful costumes jumped out of one tiny car and did tricks that made
everyone laugh.  Jess wondered how so many clowns could fit inside such a small car.

      Jess was delighted to see the chimpanzees balance on bicycles.  All of a sudden,
CoCo, the baby chimpanzee, disappeared.  Jess noticed him ride his bicycle out of the
circus tent straight into the parking lot.
      Jess jumped from her seat and dashed after CoCo.  Jess was able to save CoCo
just before he crashed into a big truck.  She then returned the thankful CoCo to his loving
mother chimpanzee.

      Then the ring master announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a very
special guest in the audience.  Her name is Jess Sandra Capri, age 4, from Little Rock,
.  She just saved the life of CoCo, the baby chimpanzee.  Let's give her a big
round of applause."
      Jess smiled broadly as she joined the ring master on the center stage.

      Just then Jess saw several clowns wheeling out a huge cake.  To her surprise the
cake read: Thank you Jess Sandra Capri for saving CoCo, the baby chimpanzee.
      Suddenly, a cuddly teddy bear jumped out of the giant cake.  Jess laughed and
clapped her hands as three ballerina bears danced just for her.

      Lovely ladies riding a team of horses galloped into the center ring.  Jess was amazed
to see the beautiful horses leap through blazing hoops of fire.
      The ring master invited Jess to ride on one of the horses.  Jess waved to Kendra,
Sara, and Lucy
as she rode past them on the white stallion.
      Jess thought, "It's great fun to be in the circus!"

      Next, a bright red fire truck carrying fire-fighting bears raced toward a burning building.
      Jess, along with Kendra, Sara, and Lucy shouted, "Jump!  Jump!" to the bear
trapped inside the burning building.
      Quickly the frightened bear leaped into the safety net below.  In a hurry, rescue bears
stopped the fire by spraying water on the raging flames.

      The ring master announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, our world famous elephants will
perform for you!"
      The huge animals did balancing acts, while clowns did cartwheels on their backs.
      The ring master asked, "Jess, everyone thinks you're great, won't you please join the
circus and travel around the world with us?"
      Jess replied, "I would love to be in the circus, but I would miss Kendra, Sara, and

      The ring master pleaded, "Then, would you be the leader of the grand parade?"
      "I would love to," replied Jess.
      She immediately climbed on the back of a huge elephant and proudly led the parade.  
Jess waved goodbye to her friends and promised to visit them when the circus returned
to Little Rock, Arkansas.
      Jess told Kendra, Sara, and Lucy, "I will never forget my wonderful adventure at the

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