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©2014 Sesame Workshop

      Brock Nathaniel Johnsen, age 2, from Tucson, Arizona, wears diapers.  Mommy,
Daddy, and Kayla
knew that Elmo and the Sesame Street friends could help him learn all
about using the potty!
    Brock, when you were a baby, you were fed and dressed and had your diaper
    It was the same way with Elmo.  When Elmo was a baby, his parents fed him and
dressed him, too.  Like all babies and many toddlers, and like you, Elmo wore diapers.

    Now you're getting older, Brock!  You know how to do lots of cool things all by
yourself.  You can run and jump, play with blocks, and sing and dance.
    When he was about your age, Elmo began to use the potty.  His Daddy helped him

    Mommy, Daddy, and Kayla are so happy that you're starting to learn how to use the
potty.  The most important thing is that when you get the "feeling" that you have to go, you
stop what you're doing and get to the potty right away!  Don't forget to let grown ups know
that you're on your way to the potty so they can help you.  
    Elmo always lets his Daddy know when he has to use the potty.

    Brock, even when you know you need to go to the potty, you don't always want to
stop what you're doing.  Or, sometimes you are so busy playing that you forget to go to
the potty.
    Don't worry.  The same thing happened to Elmo when he was learning to use the
potty.  Elmo's body would tell him it was time to go, but Elmo didn't always listen.

    What happens when you "forget" to go or you wait until it's too late?  You might have
an accident and wet your pants.  That's okay, Brock!  Try to remember next time.
    Everybody had an accident now and then.  Elmo sure did when he was learning how
to use the potty!

    Like Elmo, Zoe is growing up.  She knows all about going to the potty.  She knows it's
important to use just the right amount of toilet paper.  See, Brock?  Not too little and not
too much.  
    Use just what you need for wiping.

    Brock, do you know what you need to do every time you use the potty?  That's right!  
You need to flush.
    You can make a little song about it.  "Don't be in a rush.  Take the time to flush!"
    Zoe always remembers to flush.  She likes the sound the potty makes when the water
goes down.  WOOSH!

    Elmo and Zoe have fun fishy-shaped soap.  It makes lots of bubbles.  After they use
the potty, they wash their hands with soap and warm water every time.
    Brock, be sure you always wash your hands, too.

    Brock, remember that when you are learning to use the potty you will have lots of
chances to practice.  Even when you know what to do, when you are first learning,
sometimes you can have an accident.  Once you learn how to use the potty, every time
you get that "feeling", you can wear big kids' underwear just like Elmo and Zoe.

    Elmo and Zoe are proud that they can use the potty.  Brock, when you use the potty,
you'll be proud of yourself too!
    And Mommy, Daddy, and Kayla will be proud to see that you are growing up and
learning new things.

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